Gus Dahleh is the CEO

Posted by Admin | April 11th, 2012

Gus Dahleh is the CEO of a commercial and residential real estate company called Envestr Capital LLC. This is a real estate firm which has been acquiring distressed real estate as of late. They do this in order to create a more friendly marketplace in which discounted real estate can be found and attained by buyers.

Gus Dahleh has worked in several fields, many of which complement the real estate industry. Envestr Capital LLC benefits from his skills and experience, as well as his contacts. The firm has been able to develop key relationships with both banks and lenders. Local and regional banks are able to help facilitate the acquisition of notes before they are listed in public forums, which keeps prices lower for Envestr Capital LLC. Buyers through Envestr Capital LLC also get the added benefit of getting to work with lenders with which the company has a relationship, which means financing is easier to secure. Lastly, the company has held a gamut of public forums tackling difficult questions regarding the real estate market and prices.

Mortgage Direct Inc. is a Company Led Capably by President Gus Dahleh

Posted by Admin | November 23rd, 2011

Mortgage Direct Inc. is a company led capably by President Gus Dahleh. They assist any and all clients who have mortgaging issues and are struggling through the process. Receiving guidance from Mortgage Direct Inc. is a wise choice, they often have the tools, knowledge, and experience to advise you on the options that are available to you, even when it seems like you really have none.

The recent recession has caused a great many problems. Amongst those problems are increasing unemployment rates, rising food costs, and foreclosure rates that would make any homeowner a little scared. Foreclosure rates have risen because people are having difficulty paying their mortgage payments on time.

A mortgage is basically just a loan that a funder, usually a bank, gives to a person or family. They do this with the understanding that their house or property serves as collateral for the loan. i.e., if you neglect to make mortgage payments, then your house or property can be repossessed by the bank or loaning institution. This is not something anyone wants, the loaner of the money included, so it is best for all parties involved to find a workable solution. This is the purpose that Mortgage Direct Inc. solves—they are a company that unique outfitted to provide guidance and advise to clients who need reasonable solutions for mortgaging issues.

Gus Dahleh Has Shaped A Company

Posted by Admin | August 29th, 2011

There is virtually nothing about a recession that is good—except for maybe that it teaches people how to get along with less. Recessions tighten budgets, reduce discretionary spending, and generally just wreak havoc on family and individual budgets.

There are literally thousands of economists and economic advisers whose sole job is to ensure that recessions do not happen. Nevertheless, they occur with some frequency. The recession we are currently experiencing is one of the worst in decades and it has definitely had an adverse effect on the family budget.

One of the most significant problems caused by the recent recession is that the mortgage industry, housing industry, and financial industries were three of the fields that suffered the worst of it. What this means for the family budget is that it has become quite difficult to get a decent deal on mortgaging your home. No one really wants to mortgage their home, but when you do—you at least want to get a decent deal on it.

Mortgage Direct Inc. is a company that helps families and individuals to get good deals on mortgages and to cope with difficult financial situations. President Gus Dahleh has shaped a company that helps people to escape financial distress whenever possible.

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